Getting Paid for what you Want to Do

I have been always read a lot of blogs about making money, I also received tons of emails spam or not that introduces me to making money in the comfort of your home. When I signed up to them it gives me a lot of instructions that is making me can't understand what are the processes are and I tend to stop in the middle of the registration and didn't complete it because I think it is crazy. But when I signed up with smorty because I am a blogger since 2005, I get their attention when I read about them telling us that I will get paid to blog. Since I started blogging way back on 2005, I started loving it and I thought of making it my lifetime hobby, so, I signed up with smorty right away after reading about them because it is what I like and I get paid for blogging. It is like they advertise on blogs but in a way of posting on your blogs together with the anchor text and link. For about 5 months of being an active member with smorty I have earned money by doing what I like to do. After all you blog for money is what we always want to do. So what are you waiting for? If you are a blogger and loves doing it, sign up for smorty to advertise on blogs and get paid weekly.
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