108th Independence Day

Yesterday, the Philippines celebrated the 108th Independence Day, I am not sure if most of us feel being free on this nation, even if they celebrated it at the Manila and Cavite City but still I don’t feel the significance of it. With all the political issues we heard every now and then on radios and televisions and the rallies that has been impeded by the police authorities, I am not sure if we have our freedom seeing that scenarios. For me being Independent is a united nation but that’s not what we see. Oppositions and the Administrations keep pulling down with each others pants to shame each party. But when will this scenario ends? Every term we wanted the leader to step down, what leader do we want to lead us, a perfect one? But where can we find a perfect, good leader? I don’t think so, if we won’t stop hitting each other this scenario will never end, we will only keep changing our leaders for nothing because most of us wanted a perfect one. So what’s the reason of celebrating the 108th Independence Day if our nation is divided?

So much for that, since it is Independence Day yesterday, I practice my being independent by traveling alone from Cagayan de Oro City to Iligan City alone, to visit my sister who works there. I remember last summer 2005, I also visit here for a summer outing. Anyway, while traveling I felt the full authority of myself, it was a nice feeling being free from those bondages from your parents, I mean, I am free from my parents decisions, I didn’t hear the “do this and do that” to “don’t do this, and don’t do that”. Feels so nice but still I need to go home, because there’s no other place like home to be with your family is the best thing in life.

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