Pinoy Big Brother Housemates in Cagayan de Oro City

Before, I only watched them through the television, but yesterday they came here in CDO as part of their Caravan tour. The Pinoy Big Brother batch 1 housemates were there and showcased their talents and charms to the people at SM City Cagayan. Like what we expected, people came to watch them personally in flesh and the SM Grand Via Parking lot was full of PBB fanatics including me, though I am not really that fanatic of PBB but I went there because I don't know, think I was magnetized and my feet leads me there and I tell you, I bring a digital camera with me and took some pictures and videos of the event.

As much as I want to go near the stage unfortunately I can’t because of the big crowd drawn by the Pinoy BigBrother housemates and I can’t push myself closer to take some close-up pictures. Well, anyway I am near enough to have taken these pictures below but still I am not happy with all my takes.

I also have some videos of the event but unfortunately Blogger doesn't support video uploading. If you want some copy, you can email your request.

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