Going Back to School???

Next month is June, the start of school days, last night I thought about going back to school and reminiscing my school days when I was still a student. I can see myself rushing for riding a jeepney to school with new pair of shoes, new jeans and shirts, and new school paraphernalia, which made me eager to go to school every start of the school year.

Ahh man… I just love going back to school; I just missed those days where we cut from our designated classes to go to the mall doing some shoplifting (hahaha… that was before) or going to our classmate’s house food tripping and drinking a lot of beer and watching movies on VHS. VCD’s and DVD’s are rarely available that time.

Those exam days where we used to cheat when we don’t know the answers, using a lot of techniques in cheating. Ohh boy… If only I have the extra money to get my self enrolled at the University, but life changes and we have our new priorities in life.

I am now belonged to the corporate world. I need to focus on my present job, even though it has a low salary but I enjoyed it. Hope someday I get a high paying job or maybe I can go abroad but, naaaaa… I don’t think I can survive when I am away from my homeland, I think I will miss my love ones here. It’s killing me being far away from them. Or maybe I’ll till our land in Bohol doing farming jobs, I think that’s a good idea, I will be the Boss of our land but if ever that will happen, I’ll have to say bye to my Blogging hobbies, uhuhu… Well, anyway that would be my last option. For now I’ll just do a lot of blogging and work to earn money and leave the past behind… I miss you School!!! Speaking of work, I think I need to go back to my work now. Hehehe… was spending the break for blogging… work I am coming…. “comment naman kayo dyan”… ciao…

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Sunday, May 15, 2005 3:40:00 AM ×

Waaaa, kawatan!... palainum pa jud, paimna mi ron ha? pista bitaw! pangutang lang sa gud... hehehe! tan-aw dayon ta sa imo mga collection, hehehe....

Monday, May 16, 2005 8:54:00 AM ×

Hey di ako kawatan, mga kasama ko lang nag shop lift nun, sumasama lang ako sa kanila coz I thought mag window shop or may bibilhin sila. but actually ang kinukuha lang nila eh mga maliliit lang na bagay like mga accessories ng bags at ibang mga maliliit lang na bagay… para di ma huli.. hehehe.. but actually di talaga ako ang tumitira sa mga pag shoplift ng mga kasama ko. So much for that, salamat sa pag punta nyo sa bahay yesterday sana nabusog at nalasing kayo… hehehe… at salamat din sa pag comment mo na walang katuturan hehehe..