The Unlimited Call and Text of the Telecommunications Companies

"Going unlimited is the trend worldwide. Telecom firms have long provided it to consumers in the United States and Europe for some time. Their prior example shows that it is feasible technologically and financially," said Anthony Ian Cruz.

The Consumers of the Telcos here in the Philippines Specially myself, are very much happy after knowing about the unlimited call and text services provided by Telephone companies, the Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular. The Sun Cellular opened first this service, the 24/7 unlimited call and text but it didn’t hit that big to the people, for Sun’s Cell started their business just recently and has a smaller number of subscribers, their service is not that perfectly competitive to the other network, Sun’s subscribers complains about the signal, because of that it didn’t hit to the people.

Now Touch mobile a sister company of Globe Telecom opened its Power to the People new services the “Todo tawag Todo text” promo, which offers unlimited call and text for 30 days for only 300 pesos and 150 pesos for 15 days unlimited call and text, and “Todo Text” unlimited text for only 50 pesos for 5 days straight, isn’t it “SULIT” for the “Masang” Filipino? With that we can now easily get in touch with our friends and love ones 24 hours a day without hesitations that our balance get zero, no matter where we are in the country. The only problem is when it’s off peak hours, you can hardly contact those parties you are trying to call because of network’s congestion of lines, you need to redial several times until you reach the other party you are trying to call.

Here comes the Smart’s 25/8 their version of Sun Cellular’s 24/7 Unlimited call and text service promo. But I heard and read some articles about subscriber’s complaints with regards to the registrations of the promo, “Smart's unlimited call and text promo hits snag“ it says that every time you attempt to register you will received this message "Due to overwhelming response, we can't complete new registrations at this time. Pls try the UNLIMITED TEXT promo, text 258 & send to 883." A lot of subscribers complains about the problem. Now, this occurred because of competition between Networks, they offer promos and planned it in a short timeline just to go with what the other networks promo, without knowing that problems may occurs, like Network get congested, lack of facilities to accommodate the bulk calls they received, etc. Networks should consider some considerations to avoid customer’s violent complaints and reactions.

For now to those who subscribed the promos just enjoy it as what I did but please be wise enough in using those services, observe some phone etiquettes and don’t abused it. Hope this kind of service continues. “SULIT NA SULIT TO” tawag na!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010 2:53:00 AM ×

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