Facebook and Instagram are down on the web and on mobile today!

#Facebookdown rocketed as it goes number one trending topic on Twitter. Then suddenly friends messaged me on Skype if I can access Facebook this time. A lot of them are going worried because they can’t open their FBs. Oh well, I realized part of my job is also doing marketing stuff on FB so there you go! I am little bit worried, because I’ve been doing FB stuff for some clients’ company FB page.

Reports also said that users cannot access their Tinder, AIM and Hipchat accounts. So people are airing their concerns on Twitter and Google+.

Facebook released a statement that they are: "working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible," according to ABC News.

Though not yet confirmed, but hearsay said that Hackers are the one responsible of this.


Facebook and Instagram are back online now. Well, they better be doing it quick because if they are offline, Facebook Loses $24,420 In Revenue Every Minute. Every minute counts in the online business so everytime a website gets offline, specially like FB, millions will be loss in just a day.

Now everybody can move on. Its just a #FirstWorldProblem!
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