Politician TV Ads... Pathetic!

What's with some senators of the Philippines are up to right now appearing on TV Ads for themselves about how they will help the people from poverty? It's too early for election campaign but I think those ads are preparations of these politicians for the upcoming Presidential Election. Duh! it's just so pathetic to watch these ads now and later after they win, what now? They are gone like a bubble in the air and those promises in the ads are where?

If they really want to help the people in the Philippines, why not just do it and there is no need to advertise it on TV or any other media institutions. People will know who really made some changes for their lives and they can see it through their works and projects. Maybe after they got the office for their respective positions, they will just discuss the endless scams of their fellow government officials kicking each other's butt for them to somehow win the attention of the people that they will come out as the hero.

Whatever, I don't believe to the most politicians nowadays in the Philippines. Too much of politicking makes me distrust them. I didn't vote for any single national election ever, because I think even if I will be voting anyway, it still not counted because of that "Dagdag-Bawas" they do every election (remember the hello garci scandal?). I will try registering myself this year and only if the registration process will be change at the Commission on Election then probably I will be willing to do it and cast my vote for the 2010 election. But for now, I'll continue to LOL those TV ads they made for people to beleive in them.

By the way you should watch this edited video I found at youtube posted and edited by someone else called himself CCKMA.

This one too from other user...

This one too from different user with a caption that says... "Don't be a fool, do the math yourself... this ads on t.v. by Money is just a stunt to gain more acknowledgment on the public that would make his image more pleasant. do the math! "


The following videos above are not mine, I just embedded them from other users who uploaded it on youtube websites.
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