Baby Back Ribs at Bigby's and Videoke at Galam

Hmmm... you really can enjoy munching the foods at Bigby's Cagayan specially when it is free and you are eating right next with the Cagayan de Oro's most adored Mayor and now Vice Mayor of Cagayan de Oro city - Hon. Vicente Emano.

We are not actually on the same table with Vice Mayor Emano but as a politician he is, he gave us dessert after our big meal courtesy of my friend Lawrence as a treat to us with Eldie, Elva and Genevieve. With our cheery dispositions we caught Vice Mayor Emano's attention and he stand-up and say hello to us and gave us Chocolate chips cake.

One thing I always order everytime I eat at Bigby's is there so called mouth watering "Rock-a-bye Baby Back Ribs". For a regular person like me, Bigby's Baby Back Ribs serving is already a giant meal, so I am full with one serving of it. Plus the chocolate chips cake courtesy of Vice Mayor Emano walla... the meal is complete with Yellow Mango shake on the side... But I don't recommend Bigby's mango shake since the best Mango shake I tasted here is at Tapsi Time. But when you crave for Filipino foods, I go to Tapsi Time with branches along Velez right next to Polymedic Hospital, at Divisoria along Pabayo Street and one near Medical Center right in-front of Provincial Capitol Grounds.

Anyway, dinner is not complete without the Videoke at Galam Videoke Entertainment. If you want to impress your guest with comfortable videoke room, I recommend Galam Videoke. with their spacious room and comfy couches you won't regret your 150 - 200 pesos per hour rent of the place. Yeah, from Bigby's Restaurant at Rosario Arcade, we headed right after to Galam with five of us on Gen's pick-up truck, it is just 10 minutes drive from Limketkai Rosario Arcade. There we were singing at the top of our lungs on the cool sound system entertainment at Galam. We didn't order beers and hard liquors since all of us must wake-up early for job on the morning. But you can order your favorite black label or your Black Muscat, Chardonnay, merlot, how about your favorite Champagne, why not? or if you are a beer belly person then beer is over flowing there like the Filipino favorite beer, the Red Horse Beer or San Miguel Beer, or for body belly figure conscious the San Mig light, or feel the heat of Tanduay rhum.

There you go, it is just a dinner night out with friends. Next plan is out of town trip to Malaybalay...
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 10:16:00 AM ×

I'm crossing my fingers that Lawrence won't take on his words again seriously para naay LIBRE!!!! ahahahaha.. I had fun... Till next tym guys and I'm quite sure there still is.... hehhehehe To Lawrence: Thank you!!!! sa uulitin....

Congrats bro bang you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...