Murdered and Chopped Filipina Woman in Japan

Hiroshi Nozaki, 48, was arrested and sentenced in 2000 for three and a half years in jail for carving up the body of another 27 year old Filipina woman, Longakit Alda Yoneda that he was living with at the time. After hacking up her body, and boiling it in a pasta pot, he flushed it down the toilet of a park in Yokohama! But after 8 years of committing a gruesome crime, here he is again chopping another Filipino woman's body named Honiefaith Ratilla Kamiosawa into pieces and hid them at the public train station locker.

OMG! the Japanese Government was so damn wrong of sentencing him for just 3 and a half years of his crime 8 years ago and allow such murderer to go back out into society. But what surprises us all is that he wasn't really convicted of the murder of the first woman. He was “only” found guilty of “mutilating and abandoning of a dead body” because he claimed that he just woke up that morning and found beside him Longakit Alda Yoneda cold dead. The investigation into the death of the Longakit is still unsolved.

Now that Nozaki is involve of the same crime, will he still be sentence for abandoning a dead body or they will really sentence him into death penalty after the second time or they will still protect their foreigner murderer citizen into their society? I just hope this time they will make action for the justice of the 2 victims and their family.
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