Searching for Someone to Love and Care

I have a divorced friend from his wife who is in his 50's and he is been telling me that he wants to find someone special because they didn't bear children when they were married with his wife. I guess he is worried now that he is getting older that nobody will take care of him when time comes that he can't do the things by himself someday. I told him that there are nursing homes services that can take care of him, anyway he has money from his pension to pay for somebody as a care giver, but he insisted that he wants the true caring and love from someone special, that is why he is looking for someone who will love and take care of him unconditionally. I just told him that what if it is too late to find someone and suggested that there are some nursing homes services around the metro that he can connect with. But his mind is fix with searching for someone to love and care for him.

But in case he won't find someone, then some nursing homes services are available around, just like Bettercaring, a dedicated service for anyone who needs answers to crucial questions about care for themselves or their loved ones. They have Care information, Care search and Care discussion in their website that will give help to those who needs care and those who wants to know about caring someone.
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