Green Environment

It is not new to me the feeling of freshness when I see a nice green view in the city, since our home and garden is surrounded with green plants, trees and grass as what you can see on my previous post Every Morning Scene. I showed on that post the view outside my window pane, the green, green grass of home. Though the grasses were not regularly lawned because in the first place we don't have any lawn mower, we just use a a bolo to cut those grown grasses. As you can see on that post it is more of a natural environment. But I visited this TruGreen LandCare website, they are one of the largest, most comprehensive providers of commercial landscape and lawn services, and I can see the good job they have done on those pictures in their website. They will do it what you want, they get to know you and the programs are then customized to fit your needs. So maybe, I cannot reach them this time to hire their services but maybe I can get some ideas on how to do it through their website.
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