Perceiving to the Top of Search Engine

I’ve been hearing a lot about BIR scandal from people along the street, aboard on jeepneys, in the market, malls and almost everywhere are talking about it (BIR scandal) and even AM radio stations seizing about it.

So, as a Search Engine Optimizer myself, I thought it would be a source of boosting traffics to my blog. I prepared to target the keyword “BIR scandal” on my post. I just let the Search Engine bots crawl my blog, first two days I can’t seem to see my page on the Google’s search result in the keyterm “BIR scandal”, so I just let it bypass and give time for the Google bot to crawl my page. Patient is a virtue indeed, on the third day this afternoon, I typed in “BIR scandal” without the quotes at Google search and walla! I am on the first page and on the number one rank of the results. I just hope that I can maintain the status until the BIR issue will fade throughout time.

Here’s the link to my search at google: BIR scandal
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