Dropping Knowledge

Do you think you are free? Are you free from harm, free from violence or any sorts of freedom? Do you have freedom of speech? If yes, then you are lucky, but in our world today, I think most or the majority doesn’t have 100% freedom from anything. So maybe this is the time to hear your voice to the world, this is the time your opinion gets heard, Dropping knowledge, a site were you are free to ask questions of any sort that you wanted the world to hear. This is a Global initiative to turn lack of concern into action. Dropping Knowledge will be hosting an open conversation on the most pressing issues of our times. They will promote a worldwide exchange of viewpoints, ideas and people-powered solutions. They said, that Knowledge is defined, by dropping it freely to others and we will gain wisdom.

That is Dropping Knowledge, they accept any topics you wanted to raise from animal rights to Democracy and freedom, Environment to Justice, civil and Human rights to politics and science and technology, name it you can raise questions for it.

Join Dropping Knowledge at Berlin on September 9th as 100 of the most persuasive voices take part in an event that will revolutionize your ability to gain knowledge. Rate questions, submit your own and make your voice heard.
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