Superman Returns

The man of Steel is back in an installment Superman Returns at the controls of director Bryan Singer who was also a director of X-Men. The story is about Superman (Brandan Routh) returning on Earth after five years from the doomed planet Krypton where he searched for any survivor there but nothing he finds there. Returning to Earth he finds that the world doesn’t need a hero like him, as what he reads on Lois Lane’s Pulitzer prize winner column “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman?” Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) also moved on with her life without Superman, Lois Lane is in a relationship with Richard White, a relative of Perry White, with whom she has a five year old son, Jason, but the child has a hidden power which I think came from Superman’s power and that concludes that it is Superman’s son. Superman wanted to get back his lost love with Lois Lane and to the City who lost faith in Him after five years of his absence.

Superman’s old arch-rival Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) wasn’t happy with Superman’s returns and devised a plan to defeat Superman. Lex found Superman’s Fortress of Solitude somewhere and sltole the crystals which later use it to grow a new land, a new world with him (Lex) as the ruler but Lex Luthor didn’t succeed with his plan for the man of steel is still the Hero for all mankind.

The movie is a thumbs up for me but I am not satisfied for the actions, but Superman Returns is a movie to watch because it is the installment of the past superman movies.
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