No Mobile Phone Since Yesterday

I spent my day yesterday online for almost 24 hours. Just setting in-front of the computer log-in to IRC and my YM account, at the same time optimizing my blog and of course working for the project given by my Ever hardworking Project Manager Jen. At least I submitted to her the first part of my task… not to mention that it has been given to me few weeks ago and I just finish only the first part of it yesterday. (grin)

Its 6 in the morning and I need to go home to have ample sleep and be back right after, to go ahead with my duties and responsibilities here at the office. But before that, I have to write this to have an entry on my blogs.

Yesterday, was my first day without cell phone. No communication through text message with my colleagues and friends, first I thought I can’t make it through the day without a gadge, but I spend the whole day without it… Whew!!! Thanks to the power of Internet, I still somehow get connected around the world.

I am planning to buy a new phone by the end of May or earlier this June, it is either I will go for the Nokia 7610 or the Sony ericsson k700i. Arg! Can’t wait to try the features this phone can offer… though its not a high-end cell phone especially 3G phones are in the market today. Anyway, I can’t use 3G services this days, the trend for 3G phone is not yet in for this season here in the country…

Nokia 7610

Key Features
Integrated megapixel (1152 x 864 pixels) camera with 4x digital zoom for quality prints
Integrated video recorder with audio function and 4x digital zoom for video clips up to 10 minutes long
Movie Director - Combine video clips, add music, or change styles
65,536 color-display, 176 x 208 pixels
Bluetooth wireless technology and USB connectivity
MMS, email, and Instant Messaging
Advanced XHTML browser
Personalized user interface themes
Nokia Xpress-on™ Style Packs

Integrated Digital Megapixel Camera
Resolution 1152 x 864 pixels with 4x digital zoom and Picture modes: Standard, night, Self timer. And has a Displayed formats: JPEG, GIF87a/89a, EXIF, DCF, WBMP, BMP, MBM, PNG.
Video Recorder
Resolution: 128 x 96 or 174 x 144 pixels (Sub QCIF or QCIF) and can record up to 10 minutes, with 4x digital, recorded formats is in .3gp file format, H.263 video and AMR radio.

RealOne Player
It can Download and play multimedia files (video + music), Stream media files through any supported media portals
Played formats (decoding): .3gp and .mp4 file formats, MPEG-4 video, H.263 video and AMR audio, RealMedia (Real Video and Real Audio), MP3 and AAC

Memory Functions
8 MB internal dynamic memory for contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list, and applications and 64 MB Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (MMC)

Bluetooth wireless technology, USB with Pop-Port™, Local synchronization of contacts & calendar to compatible PC using PC Suite, Remote over-the-air synchronization with SyncML Send and receive images, video clips, graphics and business cards.

Support for HTML, XHTML and WML, Full-screen mode, OMA DRM - Forward lock for content protection. Wallet: Convenient online use and storage of your numbers and passwords

Data Transfer
Up to 40.3 kbps in GPRS networks

Java™ Applications
Downloadable Java™ MIDP 2.0 applications

Digital Services
Symbian applications available from Nokia Software Market. Graphics, icons, animations, logos. Games: Possibility to download new games. Ringing tones: True Tones, polyphonic tones. Themes: Possibility to download new themes

Sony ericsson k700i

I like the camera feature, but it is in small image size so with its video. Other than that, it’s cool because it can save video of up to approximately 30 minutes. And it has a flashlight, which is useful for taken pictures in dark places or at night… but what this gadget so useful to me is that every time there’s a power failure, I can make use of the built-in flashlight to glow my path. (toink!!! + grin and winks)

This Phone also has a Radio enable feature, which makes your quiet moment bustling by listening to your favorite DeeJay…

It can practically playback any sound file on the list, MP3, MIDI, AMR, MPEG4 and more… It has also a Djmix or DJ keymaker to personalize the poly tunes of your choice.

Its connectivity is basically remarkable. With nits BlueTooth and IrDA it can provide you a selections of hiding your BT device keeping it secure from bluejacking and snarfing. And mind you, I like the remote control feature because it can control your desktop, I mean when you install a software for that use, then walla! you can have it activated and it turns into your desktop remote control.

The design is sleek and simple. And it’s Bluetooth transfer is awesome, after setting up the bluetooth on your PC all you need to do is just drag and drop and the downloading thru Bluetooth is fun… especially the JavaGames.

Agh!!! gotta save my money for this... Textmates wait for me for I am offline of your mobile phones in a few days... just be patient... we can have all the text messages in the world when I come...

Opppsss... my brother is here looking for me... they are wondering at home why I didn't go home last night... he must have here to fetch me home... got to go guys... need to go home and Zzzzzzzing.... all day...
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