Wowowee’s First Year Anniversary Tragedy at Ultra

Wowowee’s First year anniversary show turns into a tragedy, Saturday morning at Ultra stadium, thousands of people lined up to get tickets for the show. But around 6 in the morning a stampede broke out that cause to 71 people died and more than 200 wounded and injured and some are still in critical conditions. The cause of the stampede is not so clear at this moment. Some said it started when the organizers of the show started distributing the tickets to the people and since it was a first come first serve basis, the commotions started since people at the back wanted to get in the first line. Other story said that the commotion started when someone from the crowd shouted “Bomb” and the people started to run everywhere in any direction.

Victims were mostly females, children and oldies, they were crushed against steel fences and others were stepped over by the others.

As I saw the bodies of the victims lined up on the street through a video feed, it crushes my heart. I cannot accept the fact that they lined up there for a fortune, to witness and to have fun and turns into a tragedy.

Wowowee is a most watched noontime show in the Philippines at this time, owned by the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. prizes given were ranges from thousands to millions of cash and merchandise, like Kitchen showcase, entertainment showcase, business showcase and many other cool big prizes. But this time for their anniversary the planned is to give away big prizes such as 1 million pesos, house and lot and a car, which is one for the studio winner and one for the home partner. ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. announced that the special airing of Wowowee has been canceled due to the tragedy

I hope this serves as a lesson to everybody… going to a crowded place or events is a great risk. Anytime this kind of tragedy happens, so be careful next time.

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