Before, when you were just a kid, what was your ambitions or wanted to be life? Does it fulfill today?

When I was just a kid, I just wanted to be like an artist, like a singer, an actor or anything that performs at the stage entertaining people, especially to sing and to dance. But until now everything I wanted to be was just only a dream. I think its too late now, I was not trained and didn’t join any workshops. Maybe it wasn’t my destiny at all, because if it was I don’t need to attend workshops to hone my talents in performing at the stage. Maybe my destiny is just only to be a spectator of the shows on the stage.

So to all the performers, I salute you for your talents, guts and confidence. Wish I have all of those qualities you had guys… But no one knows, maybe next month or year I’ll be on the stage performing and entertaining people. It’s just a matter of time.

Well anyway, I am happy with my career now, even though this is not what I dreamt of when I was a kid but fate bring me here and its one of God’s plan for my life…
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