Tight security was imposed for Pope’s funeral

Security in Vatican City was full alert as more than 100 foreign dignitaries and religious leaders from all over the world arrived in Vatican City to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II last Friday.

The United States led the pack with President George W. Bush, his wife Laura, and Former Presidents George Bush senior and Bill Clinton.

The solemnity of the occasion was broken 10 p.m. Wednesday when Vatican security closed the line for public visitors resulting in a stampede and lots of disappointed pilgrims. It’s estimated that almost 1 million people have passed through St. Peter’s Basilica to view the remains of the late supreme pontiff.

Funeral rites were done yesterday Friday at 10 a.m. Vatican time (4 p.m. Philippine time). The mass was officiated by Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, Vatican Chamberlain.

The Pope’s remains was put in a closed coffin and brought to the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica. After the requiem mass, the pope’s remains have been buried in the underground grotto of the Basilica where past popes have been laid to rest.

Conclave or the election for a new pope will start on April 18.


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