Manny Pacquiao vs. Erik Morales

I’ve seen Manny Pacquiao vs. Erik Morales fight yesterday with guts and confidence that Manny will win the title, on the 1st round it seems everything is fine and the Filipinos are very much confident about the fight, but on the next rounds my Guts turn into fear and dismay, and other people who watch the fight with me on the television opens their mouths wide, after seeing the bad cut on Pacquiao's right eye caused by an accidental headbutt in Round 2 and worsened by another headbutt in Round 6. but still with hope that he can still cope up the fight. As the round continues my confident was gone watching Manny’s face with bloods, but still I prayed to God to give Manny the fighting spirit and the courage to win the fight even if he got a cut in his upper right eye. Seems the fight is for Erik as the round goes. 12th round comes close and my attention on the game was disturb with mumbles, murmurs and rumors with my fellow Manny’s fanatics who also watched the fight, some says Manny is weaker now for he loss blood to reduced his weight, some says there’s scam, some says It’s a strategy, to have a return bouts for money. Hearing those opinions lets me down and lost hope for Manny to win… Now round 12 comes… Suddenly I stand up from the chair I’m sitting when Manny gave a lot of punches and blows to his opponent Erik Morales. I got alive and screaming for Manny’s courage… I thought he will knocks Morales down that last round, coz it’s the only last chance to win that fight if He can Knock Morales out that very round. But unfortunately it’s too late and Morales didn’t get down and the bell rang to end the fight. Other people watching the fight walk with shoulder down and a sad look in their face for the decision was unanimous in favor for Morales.

Manny got lost the fight but for me and for all the Filipino he is still our champion, our Idol, our Hero. Mabuhay Manny, you did a very good job, I am proud of you! We will wait for the return bouts… Manny Pacquiao Rules…..

A Few Quotes about Manny Pacquiao

(Manny Pacquiao is a national hero in the Philippines. When he returns home after his fights, he is greeted by thousands of his cheering countrymen. Among his fans is Philippines President , Gloria Macapagel-Arroyo. She said, "The victory of Pacquiao is a victory of more than 76 million Filipinos, and the entire nation joins him in celebrating.")

"Quite simply, Pacquiao is one of the hottest fighters in the business. There is a saying in American boxing: 'Speed kills,' When that speed is accompanied by power, it is truly a formidable combination - and Pacquiao has it." - Graham Houston, Boxing Monthly.

Boxing columnist, Michael Katz wrote, "He ran away from the corn and rice fields at the age of 12 because his mother didn't want him to box. So he hustled at pool, conned a few kids at basketball, and turned pro right after his 16th birthday as a junior flyweight. Now he is on the cusp of becoming perhaps the greatest Asian fighter to conquer the West since Genghis Khan."

Pacquiao's most impressive win, however, was in a non-title fight - a devastating TKO against former three-time world champion, Marco Antonio Barrera in November 2003. After the fight, HBO boxing analyst, Larry Merchant said, "This is a fight that will shake up the boxing world. Long live the new king."

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