DLSU Scandal AJ Ramos And Abby Santiaguel

While checking my twitter this morning, my eyes were caught with the trending hashtag #DLSUscandal. So I read some of the tweets and they have been saying it is a DLSU Scandal AJ Ramos And Abby Santiaguel. I didn't bother checking it (video) because I don't know those names, then later friends are sending me PMs if I have already downloaded the video and said no, then another friend told me he has the video, to my curiousity I watched it and well... its a no surprise. Two young couple in an intimate activity on the video.

But when you bring the University's name on a scandal, surely, it will spread like forest fire in the summer. That is why even if these couple were not celebrities the attention they've got now were more than that, as people were curious enough to check the video.

Anyway, unless you are Paris Hilton and made a scandal video you will be fine, but these two young couple named AJ Ramos And Abby Santiaguel aren't a son and daughter of a Billionaire.

Here are some screen captures of the DLSU scandal: Warning NSFW.

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