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Northxeast.com listed the Fifty Most Influential Bloggers and here's what they said:

There are literally millions of bloggers out there, each of them with their own voice and style, and yet in the blogging world, a handful stand out. These are the movers and shakers. When they speak, the blogging world listens. These are our Fifty Most Influential Bloggers, and if you don’t know them, you need to.
Are there others out there who matter? Sure there are - they just didn’t make this list. Is the list in perfect order? No, that would be impossible - every person on this list is important, and depending on what’s important to you, they might rank higher or lower on the scale than what they have here.
But what’s important is that these bloggers - and some of them are much more than just bloggers - are influential beyond the norm. The voices of these fifty bloggers reverberate throughout the blogosphere. They have had ideas that spread like viruses, and have styles that are mimicked by numerous others. They’ve created major blogs that have major audiences.
Why do you need to know who they are? Because if you want to see the shape of blogging future, the trends that show us where blogging is heading, then these are the people to watch and listen to. Their success stories hold for us a key to and an inspiration for our own success.

The listers are:

No. 50
Neil Patel

QuickSprout - www.quicksprout.com

Pronet Advertising - www.pronetadvertising.com

No. 49
Mary Hodder

Founder and Chairman, Dabble - www.dabble.com

Editor, Napsterization - www.napsterization.org

Mary’s blog - www.hodder.org

No. 48
John Chow
JohnChow.com - www.johnchow.com

No. 47
Leo Babauta

ZenHabits - www.zenhabits.net
BlogActionDay - blogactionday.org

Special Note:

This listing has been inserted/written by the NorthxEast editor. Leo deserves to be on this list for a hundred reasons so I’ve taken the liberty of editing him in!

30 Second Rundown:

Having worked as a newspaper editor and writer for almost two decades Babauta’s entry to blogging has been an extremely rapid rise to fame. He writes for a variety of blogs including this one you are reading now, WebWorkerDaily, LifeHack, FreelanceSwitch, DumbLittleMan and many others.
In addition Babauta owns and writes ZenHabits a blog that in a matter of months has edged within a few spots of the Technorati Top 100.
In addition Leo is one of the co-founders of Blog Action Day, an initiative that is bringing together literally thousands of bloggers.
No. 46
Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Magazine - www.smashingmagazine.com

No. 45
Blue Hat SEO - www.bluehatseo.com

No. 44
Rand Fishkin

SEOMoz - www.seomoz.org

No. 43
Ken Fisher
Ars Technica - www.arstechnica.com

No. 42
Harvey Levin
TMZ - www.TMZ.com

No. 41
Elizabeth Spiers
Elizabeth’s blog - www.elizabethspiers.com

No. 40
Lisa and Brian Sugar
Sugar Publishing - www.sugarpublishing.com
PopSugar - www.popsugar.com

No. 39
Joshua Micah Marshall
Talking Points Memo - www.talkingpointsmemo.com

No. 38
Karl Wang

AntiClown Media - www.anticlown.com
The Superficial - www.thesuperficial.com

No. 37
Heather Armstrong
No. 36
Ana Marie Cox
emerita of Wonkette.com
Ana Marie’s blog mtblog.anamariecox.com

No. 35
Om Malik
GigaOm - www.gigaom.com
Om’s personal blog - daily.gigaom.com

No. 34
Robert Scoble
Scobleizer - www.scobleizer.com
Scoble Show - www.podtech.net/scobleshow/

No. 33
Joel Spolsky
Joel on Software - www.joelonsoftware.com

No. 32
Steve Rubel
Micro Persuasion - www.micropersuasion.com

No. 31
Mark Lisanti
editor of Defamer - www.defamer.com
Mark’s blog - www.bunsen.tv

No. 30
Brian Clark
Copy Blogger - www.copyblogger.com

No. 29
Jeremy Schoemaker
Shoe Money - www.shoemoney.com

No. 28
Choire Sicha
managing editor of Gawker - www.gawker.com
Choire’s blog - www.choiresicha.com

No. 27
Jeffrey Zeldman
A List Apart - www.alistapart.com
Jeffrey’s blog - www.zeldman.com

No. 26
Peter Cashmore

Mashable - www.mashable.com

No. 25
Steve Pavlina

StevePavlina.com - www.stevepavlina.com

No. 24
Duncan Riley
founder of Blog Herald - www.blogherald.com
cofounder of
b5media - b5media.com
writer for TechCrunch - techcrunch.com
Duncan’s blog - www.duncanriley.com

No. 23
Darren Rowse
Problogger - www.problogger.com

No. 22
Matt Cutts

No. 21
Merlin Mann
43 Folders - www.43folders.com
Merlin’s personal blog - www.merlinmann.com

No. 20
Jason Kottke
Jason’s blog - www.kottke.org

No. 19
Jeremy Wright
b5media - www.b5media.com
Jeremy’s blog - www.ensight.org

No. 18
Matthew Haughey
MetaFilter - www.metafilter.com

No. 17
Glenn Reynolds
Instapundit - www.instapundit.com

No. 16
Michelle Malkin
Michelle’s blog - www.michellemalkin.com

No. 15
Guy Kawasaki
How to Change the World - blog.guykawasaki.com

No. 14
Marcos Moulitsas Zuniga
founder, Daily Kos - www.dailykos.com

No. 13
Rob Malda
Slashdot - www.slashdot.org
Rob’s homepage - cmdrtaco.net

No. 12
Michael Arrington
Tech Crunch - www.techcrunch.com
Michael’s blog - crunchnotes.com

No. 11
Seth Godin
Seth’s blog - sethgodin.typepad.com

No. 10
Brian Lam
Gizmodo - www.gizmodo.com

No. 9
Gina Trapani
managing editor of Lifehacker - www.lifehacker.com
Gina’s blog - www.ginatrapani.com

No. 8
Ariana Huffington
The Huffington Post - www.huffingtonpost.com

No. 7
Mark Frauenfelder
Boing Boing - www.boingboing.net

No. 6
Pete Rojas
Engadget - www.engadget.com

No. 5
Joi Ito
VP International & mobility, Technorati - www.technorati.com

No. 4
Jason Calacanis
Weblogs Inc. - www.weblogsinc.com
Jason’s blog - www.calacanis.com

No. 3
David Sifry

Technorati - www.technorati.com
David’s blog - www.sifry.com/alerts/
No. 2
Kevin Rose
Digg - www.digg.com

Kevin’s blog - www.kevinrose.com

No. 1
Nick Denton
Founder of GawkerMedia - www.gawker.com
Editor of Valleywag - www.valleywag.com
Nick’s blog - www.nickdenton.org

There you have the lists... to know why they matters according to NxE - Northxeast.com then visit NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Bloggers.
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